Automobile Recall

Hyundai is Recalling Over 978,000 Vehicles Due to Defective Seat Belts

Auto manufacturer Hyundai is recalling approximately 978,000 vehicles that may contain a dangerous safety defect. This recall is connected to the front seat belts detaching in a crash failing to hold occupants. According to Hyundai, the defective mechanisms in the recalled cars could cause the front car safety belts to release during a collision. Hyundai […]

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Ford Recalls Over 800,000 Vehicles Due To Defective Door Latch

Auto manufacturer Ford Motor Company is recalling approximately 830,000 vehicles that may contain a dangerous safety defect. This recall is connected to faulty door latch mechanisms that could seriously jeopardize the safety of passengers in these vehicles. According to Ford, the defective mechanisms in the recalled cars could cause the side-doors to open while driving. […]

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Airbag Manufacturer Takata Expands Recall of Dangerous, Defective Airbags

In May of 2015, airbag manufacturer Takata announced that it would be recalling more than 35 million vehicles nationwide due to a potentially deadly product defect. At the time, this was called the largest recall in U.S automotive history.  Takata airbags are in most automobile brands that we all know and own. Automobiles such as […]

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More Than 90,000 Volkswagen Passat Cars Recalled due to Defective Wiring

Dangerous product defects cause thousands of serious, and even fatal injuries every year. When consumers make a purchase, they have a right to assume that their safety will not be put at risk by a product defect. Recently, the auto manufacturer Volkswagen announced that they would be recalling 91,000 Passat cars due to defective wiring. […]

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Investigation Reveals That Over 400,000 Ford Vehicles May Have Unsafe Door Latch Mechanisms

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating approximately 400,000 Ford Focus compact cars that may be unsafe to drive. The investigation centers around complaints that the doors of these cars do not latch properly when they are closed. Some drivers have even complained that their doors have flown open when the cars were […]

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Honda Recalling More Than 25,000 Cars Due to Air Bag Defect

Click here for a link to the original postHonda motors announced earlier this month that it will be recalling thousands of vehicles due to a potentially serious product defect. Over the past few years, we have seen the largest number of vehicle recalls in the history of car manufacturing. Many of these recalls involve defective parts that […]

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Auto Makers Announce New Recalls Related to Defective Airbags that are Causing Serious Injuries to Drivers

In May of 2015, several major car manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Lexus and Nissan, collectively announced that they would be instituting a worldwide vehicle recall that is being called the largest in history. This recall included millions of vehicles, all of which had been manufactured with airbags made by the Takata Corporation, the world’s fourth […]

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GM Recall Update: Death Toll Rises Again

2014 was a disastrous year for Automobile Manufacturers in the United States. Not only did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issue more penalties against car manufacturers in 2014 than it had in its previous 43 years of operation, but millions of consumers were injured and impacted by faulty safety equipment in dozens of vehicle […]

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