7 Tips for a Safe Snowmobiling Season

December 26th, 2019
people on snowmobiles

As the weather continues to get colder and snow starts to become more likely, you may be itching to get out on your snowmobile. Before you do so, it is important that you remember what to do in order to stay safe and protect yourself. Here are some safety tips to ensure you have a good time, while doing your best to prevent injuries.

Ensure Your Snowmobile is in Proper Working Order

Before you even get on your snowmobile, it is imperative that you be sure that it is well maintained and working properly. In order to gain a better understanding of what your vehicle needs, check the guidelines listed in the owner’s manual or also take a Snowmobile Awareness Safety Program to learn more.

Wear Appropriate Gear

Not only is it important to dress in layers for colder weather, but it is also imperative that the you wear proper protective gear. This includes windproof gear, warm gloves, a safety-certified helmet, visor, and sun protection goggles.

Don’t Go it Alone

It is a good idea to use a buddy system and bring someone else along for the ride. There is power in numbers should something go wrong.

Follow the Law

Operating a snowmobile doesn’t give you the right to ignore the rules of the road. Whenever you cross a road, first come to a complete stop, looking in all directions to be sure that it is clear, and cross at a right angle.

Let Others in on Your Plans

It is always a good idea to let other people know your plans so that they have a good idea of where to look for you if you don’t return on time.

Stay Alert

As with any type of driving, it is always necessary to stay alert, keeping your eyes on the vehicle in front of you at all times.

Stay Away from Frozen Water

Avoid riding your snowmobile over any frozen bodies of water since it puts you at risk for falling through the ice or colliding with other snowmobilers.

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