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Staying Up-to-Date on Product Safety Recalls

Every year, countless Americans are made ill or injured by dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, or other defective products. While medical technology progresses at an incredible rate, the testing and studies required to prove these technologies are safe cannot always keep up. When companies that produce drugs and medical devices place greater emphasis on shareholder […]

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Ford Recalls Over 800,000 Vehicles Due To Defective Door Latch

Auto manufacturer Ford Motor Company is recalling approximately 830,000 vehicles that may contain a dangerous safety defect. This recall is connected to faulty door latch mechanisms that could seriously jeopardize the safety of passengers in these vehicles. According to Ford, the defective mechanisms in the recalled cars could cause the side-doors to open while driving. […]

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FDA Strengthens Warning Labels on Class of Antibacterial Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday, 7/26 that they are revising their boxed warning labels on packages of a class of antibacterial drugs known as fluoroquinolones. The FDA’s boxed warning labels, commonly referred to as “black box” warnings, alert doctors and patients that certain types of drugs or medical devices may pose […]

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Volkswagen Will Pay More than $15 Billion in Largest Auto Settlement in U.S History

For years, German auto manufacturer Volkswagen knowingly mislead its customers about the fuel efficiency of its TDI “clean diesel” vehicles. On Tuesday, 6/28 it was announced that VW will pay more than $15 billion to the U.S Justice Department in what is being called the largest auto-related settlement in U.S. history. A majority of this […]

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Cancer Organizations Have Warned Consumers About Risks of Talcum Powder for Years

Regular use of talcum powder on the genital area has been linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson products that contain talc, including Johnson’s Baby Powder® and Shower to Shower®, pose a serious health risk to thousands of women. Many members of the scientific community have dedicated years to studying the […]

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FDA Strengthens Warnings of Severe Kidney Injuries Caused by Diabetes Medication Invokana

The Food and Drug Administration just issued another Drug Safety Communication alerting doctors and patients about serious health risks associated with several type 2 diabetes medications, including Invokana. The FDA is strengthening warnings about the risk of serious, acute kidney injuries for patients taking type 2 diabetes medications canagliflozin (Invokana, Invokamet) and dapagliflozin (Farxiga, Xigduo […]

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Update Alert – Zecuity Migrain Patch Sales Suspended

The FDA is investigating reports of patients suffering from serious burns and having permanent scarring after using the Zecuity patch for migraine relief. Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Zecuity, has temporarily pulled the patch off shelves. The Zecuity Patch has been causing burns and scarring on patients using the patch. Teva will also be investigating […]

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Heartburn Drugs Are Linked to Several Dangerous Side Effects

Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are drugs used to reduce the body’s production of gastric acid. PPI drugs, including Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid and others, are some of the most widely prescribed medications in the U.S, generating up to $14 billion in annual sales. Recent studies have shown that these medications are also linked to dangerous side effects […]

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