Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders are exposed to many dangers on the roads. This is why it is important to take the necessary safeguards when riding. Although motorcyclists are often stereotyped as reckless and fast drivers, the #1 cause of motorcycle accidents is actually inattentive behavior from other motor vehicle drivers. A motorcycle accident case can be a difficult case based on several items. Without witnesses, cases sometimes are difficult to prove. Many times, an accident reconstruction expert is necessary to get to the truth. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Graves McLain are keenly familiar with Oklahoma motorcycle accident law and motorcycle recalls that may impact your accident case. Our skilled motorcycle attorneys can pursue your motorcycle injury claim and help determine the facts surrounding your accident.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office released a report stating in the year 2014, the most recent data available, there were 1,465 motorcycle accidents and 55 motorcycle fatalities in the state of Oklahoma. More than 142,000 motorcyclists have died in traffic accidents nationwide since the enactment of the Highway Safety and National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.

There are many risks of the road for motorcycle riders, including:

• 2/3 of motorcycle accidents result as a violation of the motorcyclist’s right of way
• Motorcyclists’ risk of death is 26x greater than automobile passengers
• The chance of a motorcyclist being injured in a collision is 5x greater than the same risk for those driving    passenger vehicles
• More than 70% of motorcycle accidents involving an automobile occur at intersections

Aside from the danger caused by drivers who do not see a motorcyclist, a wide variety of driving conditions and road conditions can affect the motorcyclist, including:

• Rider skill
• Bike stability
• Inclement weather
• Potholes and ruts in the road
• Oil slicks
• Puddles
• Debris in the road
• Uneven pavement
• Railroad tracks
• Mechanical failure

Graves McLain understands that motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries that can be life altering. There are many variables that are taken into consideration while prosecuting these types of claims. The weather, road conditions, time of day or night, and each one require a very strategic legal plan.

We understand the complexities of motorcycle accident law and your right to seek compensation. If you’ve been injured a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, contact Graves McLain to discuss your possible case. You can speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for free. It won’t cost you anything to discuss your case, and we only get paid if you get paid.

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