January, 2017

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New Technology Serves as a Catalyst in Diagnosing, Simulating and Treating Concussions

A breakthrough in the diagnosis, simulation and treatment of concussions has been made through the development of virtual reality (VR) headsets. Multiple VR headset devices have been introduced in the medical field to develop a deeper understanding of concussions and diagnose head injuries more efficiently and precisely. This technology could immensely help in diagnosing head […]

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The Top 5 Most Significant Product Recalls of 2016

When making an important purchase, such as a mobile device or a vehicle, there are many factors that help in your decision making process. It is important to consider the potential safety risks associated with any product that you purchase. As consumers, we put our faith in manufacturers to deliver safe products and we trust […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Increase among High School and College Football Players

Football is a wonderful sport that is loved by many, but it is also a dangerous sport that causes severe concussions, brain trauma and in some cases death. With tackles, direct collisions and serious aggression, the chances of head and back injury in the game and even during practice are serious. A recent study conducted […]

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Study Shows a Decrease in Traffic Accident Injuries Since the Texting and Driving Ban

Recent data from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reveals that injuries from drivers distracted by an electronic device are decreasing. A texting and driving ban was implemented in November of 2015 in Oklahoma, and since then injuries relating to drivers driving accidents fell from 538 to 422 in a nine-month period. Additionally, total crashes from […]

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